Our goal is to contribute to the public good.

Through our collaborative projects and custom-designed workshops, we bring outside perspectives and creative ideas to non-profit, charitable organizations, educational institutions, community associations, foundations and government agencies.

Together we plan for the future, engage in community education and collaboratively strengthen organizations working in the areas of arts & culture, heritage conservation and social services.

Creating a culture of philanthropy takes time and dedication.

We often take a 360o view. It is a privilege to work with both foundations and non-profit organizations to build leadership, governance and administrative structures and grant programs so that they can fulfill their philanthropic missions.

We work with boards, staff and volunteers to focus on vision & mission, define roles & responsibilities as well as develop marketing, communications and fund development strategies to help raise an organization’s profile.

Some projects are very public; others take place quietly behind the scenes. Most of our clients are in BC, Alberta and the Yukon. Workshops are offered throughout Canada.

In all cases, our goals are to listen, learn, collaborate and develop creative strategies to help organizations and communities thrive today and tomorrow.